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2010-10-24 02:03:38 波威公司 1046

Calmar公司成立于1996年是光纖激光器及放大器的先驅。Calmar針對于工業,醫療,大學,科研等機構,研制出一系列高質量操作簡便的高科技產品。代表有780nm 1030nm 1550nm 飛秒脈沖高能量光纖激光器。


Femtosecond Lasers


High Pulse Energy Fiber-Based Picosecond and Femtosecond Lasers (FLCPA Series) - For clean, high speed laser ablation of tissue, CIGS, silicon, or other materials, without thermal damage to the substrate.

Up to 30 µJ pulse energy @1030 nm

Up to 3 µJ pulse energy @1550 nm

Adjustable pulse width 370 fs - 30 ps

Selectable repetition rate

Optional pulse compression to < 100 fs


Compact Fiber-Based Femtosecond Lasers (CFL Series) - - Fiber delivered compact laser head for industrial, scientific, and biomedical applications including multiphoton microscopy and laser spectroscopy.

13 nJ pulse energy @ 780 nm

50 nJ pulse energy @ 1550 nm

< 100 fs pulse width

Ultra-compact fs laser head

Pulsed Femtosecond Lasers / Seed Lasers (FPL Series)

0.5 - 100 mW average power for most fs laser models

0.1 - 10 ps pulse width for most fs laser models

10 - 100 MHz repetition rate for most fs laser models

Available in 780 nm, 805 nm, 1030 nm, 1064 nm and 1550 nm

Other ps and fs Lasers, Amplifiers, and Accessories


High Repetition Rate Fiber-Based Picosecond Lasers (PSL Series) - Actively mode locked ps laser, up to 40 GHz picosecond pulses.

20 mW average power

0.8 - 10 ps pulse width available

5 - 40 GHz tunable repetition rate available

Tunable wavelength and pulse width available

Optical Fiber Amplifiers (AMP)

Optimized for short pulse amplification

Minimum nonlinear dispersion effects

15 to 37 dBm output power available

Polarization maintaining or non-PM fiber available

Advanced Products:

Bit Rate Multiplier

Pulse Compressor


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